Lucknow geologist gets top NGA award

Lucknow University geologist Prof Dhruv Sen Singh has been selected for the National Geoscience Award (NGA), 2019, for his outstanding contributions in geo-environmental studies, including in paleoclimate, paleoenvironment, climate change and monsoon variability using rivers, glaciers, and lakes.

Singh will be conferred the award in mid-July.

Instituted in 1966, NGA, the highest award in the field of earth sciences, is given annually by the Union ministry of mines to encourage geoscientists. The award is given for work done in the past 10 years.

Prof Singh studied the paleoclimate, and environment, analysing glacial, fluvial and lacustrine proxies in Himalaya and Ganga Plain in India and also in the Arctic (North Pole region).

Prof Singh found that the rapid retreat of Gangotri Glacier is due to its own typical characteristics and not necessarily linked to global warming.

He found that the rate of retreat of Gangotri Glacier is decreasing from 38 m/y in 1970 to 10 m/y in 2022 and is not in accordance with global warming.

He also worked on the causes and consequences of Kedarnath tragedy and has analysed rivers and lakes of Ganga Plain for paleoclimate which explain intense paleo-monsoon.

Member of first and second Indian expeditions to Arctic in 2007 and 2008, Singh worked on finding facts behind natural events on geological issues and socio-economic aspects. Singh is also the recipient of Vigyan Ratna, Shikshak Shree and Saraswati Samman given by the state government.

“I am overwhelmed. The award encourages us to do more work in the field of earth sciences,” he told reporters.




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