Lucknow jail inmate accuses officials of sodomy

In a shocking incident, a gangster lodged in a Lucknow jail has accused prison officials of sodomy and said that he feared for his life.

Karan Kumar Gupta has also petitioned his case in the Gangster court for lodging of an FIR against jail officials.

Gupta has alleged that jail officials used to make obscene gestures while spotting him inside the jail.

He claimed in his petition that on July 26, two jail officials, in the presence of two other prisoners, sodomised him and threatened him with dire consequences if he complained about to senior officers.

Senior jail superintendent, Lucknow, Ashish Tiwari, said that the gangster had filed the petition on August 2.

“We have conducted a threadbare probe into the allegations of the inmate and all his claims have been found baseless,” said Tiwari.

He said that the CCTV footage of July 26 shows that the jail official against whom the allegations of sodomy have been levelled, was on duty in the lawn from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.

The officer said that the gangster talked to his family members from July 26 to August 1 but did not inform them or any other jail staff about it.

“We have taken out the CCTV footage and have also recorded the statements of other prisoners. We have sent a detailed report to the court. We will wait for the directions from the court,” Tiwari said.




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