Lucknow lakes to be revived with microbubble tech

Lakes in Lucknow will now be revived through the microbubble technology.

The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has introduced microbubble technology that would help in increasing the oxygen level of the decaying waterbodies.

The technology was put to use in Jamuna lake of Malviya Nagar near Aishbagh area on Wednesday evening.

The lake is on the verge of extinction due to dumping of garbage and encroachment.

Assistant engineer K.P. Gupta said” “Earlier in the month, vice-chairperson Indramani Tripathi had inspected the lake and instructed its restoration. Thereafter, the water hyacinth and bushes growing in the lake were cleared.

“We then deployed two microbubble aeration boats that would clear the lake and oxygenate it. This will help in restoring the eco system of the lake.”




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