Lucknow madrasa to double up as Covid care clinic

A madrasa in Lucknow will convert into a Covid care clinic from Wednesday, paving the way for more such initiatives.

The charitable clinic at Madrasa Abu Talib in the densely populated Kashmiri Mohalla area will be inaugurated by its patron, Maulana Saif Abbas and will provide timely and free medical facility to patients.

Doctors, nurses and paramedic staff will be stationed at the madrasa-clinic which will be equipped with Covid diagnosis kit, oximeters and other equipment required for early detection of the coronavirus infection.

In the second phase, Abu Talib Charitable Clinic will also have isolation beds and the unit will work as a primary isolation facility.

According to Maulana Saif Abbas, “The idea came from the experience during the second wave of coronavirus pandemic that hit the city in April-May. People, especially those from the minority community, are afraid of going to hospitals and ignore symptoms initially. By the time they are taken to the hospital, the disease reaches severe stage.”

He said, “These people will visit the clinic in their vicinity without any hesitation and get themselves checked for Covid if they experience any symptom.”

The academic activities of the madrasa will, however, continue and students will study on the first floor of the building while the clinic will function on the ground floor.

“Experience of the shortage of beds and other resources during the second wave of pandemic was the driving force behind the clinic. We decided to use the madrasa space as an isolation facility and started work in that direction.

Fortunately, the wave subsided by the time we could get things together. For now, it will start as a Covid care clinic and turn into an isolation facility, if required,” the Maulana said.