Lucknow University awareness drive for teens on sexual offences

The Lucknow University, under the ongoing ‘Mission Shakti’ campaign, is holding a series of events to spread awareness and support teenagers against adolescent sexual offence and child sexual abuse.

A play will be staged, discussion and poster-making competition will also be organised in which students will be told whom to report if you face sexual offence, how to report child abuse and what legal action can be taken in case of an adolescent sexual misdemeanour.

Mission Shakti coordinator Prof. Sheela Mishra said: “We have planned events in a manner that they appeal to the youths and they connect with us to know and understand all about adolescence and child sexual abuse.”

The first event will begin on Sunday. It will be a discussion on the episode of popular TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ in which the issue has been highlighted, and it will be followed by a discussion, she added.

“We opted for discussion based on a TV show as we know that youths connect better with the television world. Well known psychologist Anandana Trivedi will deliver a lecture on women and culture,” Mishra added.

A play on legal and empathetic support against harassment will also be staged on the campus by MCA first-year students, followed by a poster-making competition on sexual harassment and adolescence.