Lucknow zoo helps animals beat the heat

With blistering heat wave conditions forcing humans to take cover inside their homes, the Lucknow Zoo is making special arrangements to protect its inmates from the extreme weather conditions.

Sprinklers with ‘khus’ mats are being installed in the enclosures to keep the hot winds at bay. Some enclosures have also been given desert coolers. Water is also being sprayed in the enclosures to keep the ground cool.

Piyush Mohan Srivastava, range forest officer of Lucknow Zoo, said, “Desert coolers and water tubs have been put in enclosures of animals like tiger, bear, lion, chimpanzee while bird enclosures have been covered with khus mats. We are still working upon providing complete protection to the inmates.”

Veterinary officer Dr Brijendra said, “We have begun providing melons and cucumbers to inmates. Food items like eggs are being replaced with other products. Vitamins and supplements have also been added to animals’ diets.”

He said the special care was being taken of the birds that are more susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

The visitor turnout in the zoo, meanwhile, has dropped drastically in the hot weather.

“This allows us to cover the enclosures so that the inmates are not directly affected by the harsh rays of the sun,” said a zoo employee.




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