Lynda Carter isn’t sure if she can still fit into iconic ‘Wonder Woman’ outfit

Actress Lynda Carter, who played the titular role of ‘Wonder Woman’ in the classic live action comic book series in the 1970s, said a lot of people ask her about the iconic outfit.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine for the publication’s ’25 Things You Don’t Know About Me’ feature, she said: “Everyone asks me if I can still fit into my ‘Wonder Woman’ costume. I’m afraid to try.”

The 70-year-old actress, who has been “a size 11 shoe since the 9th grade”, also said how her height has changed over the years, reports

She added: “I used to be almost 5-foot-1. But I’m not now!”

Elsewhere in the feature, the actress and singer opened up on her lack of culinary skills.

She said: “I don’t cook.

“However, I am good at brewing strong ginger tea, by boiling pounds of ginger for several hours. It helps my vocal cords.”

And on the subject of food, she added: “I always take the cookies if offered.”

When it comes to her musical career, the former Miss World USA talked about her longevity.

She said: “I’ve been writing music, jingles and lyrics for 50 years.”

Her debut album ‘Portrait’ dropped in 1978, while the next LP ‘At Last’ came in 2009, which was followed by ‘Crazy Little Things’ (2011) and ‘Red Rock N’ Blues’ (2018), and an appearance on the ‘Fallout 4’ soundtrack.

Carter is also always ready to strike up a conversation, and she admitted that’s the case even if no one’s paying any attention.

She said: “I love the sound of my own voice so much that I talk up to eight hours a day – whether someone is listening or not!”