Maanvi Gagroo: Anthologies are a ‘snackable’ format

Actress Maanvi Gagroo is often hailed as the ‘web queen’. The OTT protege rose to fame with web series ‘Pitchers’ and ‘Tripling’.

Her latest short film ‘Marriage 2.0’, part of the anthology series ‘Kaali Peeli Tales’, is receiving good reviews.

Maanvi plays the role of slightly insecure wife Malini opposite Hussain Dalal, as her carefree husband. They are a modern couple in Mumbai, experimenting with the idea of an open marriage.

During an exclusive conversation with IANS, Maanvi shared about her character in ‘Marriage 2.0’. “It’s an urban take on marriage. Both the partners are working and very busy in their lives. Malini is worried that at some point their marriage will get boring. What if they get attracted to someone?”

She continued, “And then the husband gets attracted to someone. When she meets her husband’s crush she gets jealous. It’s a very fun and sweet take on relationships.”

Maanvi has proven her mettle with her versatile acting skills in web series like ‘Four More Shots Please!’ and ‘Made in Heaven’ and more recently in films like ‘Ujda Chaman’ and ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan’.

Maanvi finds a lot of similarities with her reel-life character Malini. She said, “I am very similar to Malini. I was living alone in the first lockdown, I did my spiritual work and I thought I am a changed person. But the minute I was on the set with people I was reacting in the same way.”

“I realised that I haven’t done jacksh*t work on myself. Like that, I am like Malini. I will also say things that sound very philosophical, deep and spiritual stuff, but actually doing it, I am conservative in many ways in relationships,” she added.

“Another thing that I related to was that before they are partners they are best friends. That’s what she says to her partner that we should be able to tell all our deepest darkest secrets, desires, dreams. Only when you keep communicating with each other with trust and respect can you grow together as people. Otherwise you will have a shelf life of 5-6 years,” said Maanvi.

She added, “That’s something that I really personally believe in and I am similar to her in that way. I would also like my husband or partner to be my best friend and have that trust and respect for each other.”

Being part of the anthology, ‘Marriage 2.0’ , the actress loves short stories. She said, “I love short stories. Even when I am reading, I enjoy reading short stories, because they are quick.”

Elaborating further, she said, “Anthologies are an extremely snackable format. You can just watch one entire thing and you can get a sense of completeness also.”

Maanvi will be seen next in ‘Four More Shots Please!’ Season 2.