Madhuri Dixit: OTT platforms allow artistes to explore global stories


Actress Madhuri Dixit Nene, who recently made her OTT debut with the series, ‘The Fame Game’, feels that the medium of OTT makes a film artiste one with the global platform as the distribution of content on OTT is worldwide.

It allows a storyteller to put their story in front of the world and add their narrative to the global repository of content. The actress said, “I think that we are adding our own story to so many stories around the world and I think that is the way OTT works.”

“In the medium of OTT you can be a first-time director but you can show a story in your own language or shoot it the way you want to. It gives you that flexibility to test and toy around with the subject of your story”, she added.

Madhuri’s ‘The Fame Game’ is a suspenseful family drama, which follows the story of actress Anamika Anand (played by Madhuri), who one fine day goes missing. The investigation that follows her sudden disappearance, uncovers the messy truth behind her perfect life and family.



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