Madras HC orders only native breed bulls to participate in Jallikattu

The Madras High Court on Thursday ordered the Tamil Nadu government to ensure that bulls of native breed are allowed to participate in the Jallikattu events and not foreign or hybrid bulls.

Hearing a petition for an order to allow only native breed bulls to participate in Jallikattu — bull taming sport played during Pongal festival — the court ordered the state government to ensure only bulls of native breed participate in the event.

The court also warned veterinarians of severe action like contempt of court and departmental action if they issue false certificates.

Welcoming the court order P. Rajasekhar, President of the Jallikattu Pathukaapu Peravai told IANS: “Nearly 99 per cent of the bulls that participate in Jallikattu are of native breed. There may be one or two foreign or mixed breeds. Such bulls will not be caught by the players and allowed to run away.”