Madurai retd teacher to create awareness among students about Tamil culture

A seventy-year-old retired Tamil teacher, D. Devaraj Athiyasaraj is preparing to spread awareness among students about the ancient Tamil culture with his fourth documentary film, ‘Kumari Kandam’.

The retired teacher who is also a historian has already made three other documentaries on Tamil culture which include, “A American Kalloriyin Varalaru’, ‘Sarkar Potta Utharavu’ and ‘Pasumalai Thanthai’. He has also authored 25 books.

In his latest documentary, ‘Kumari Kantham'(Kumari Continent) he details the origin of Tamil civilization and how the Tamil king Pandyan launched the first Tamil Sangam or meeting of Tamil scholars. The documentary also features the history of the Vaigai river, the lives of known Tamil poets, and the rich ancient traditions of the Tamil people. It was shot in 2D and 3D formats.

While speaking to IANS, the Tamil teacher who is also an exponent of the rich culture of Madurai said, “I want our youth to have more knowledge on the ancient culture of Tamils and its origin. Our old Sangam period literature books, ‘Kali Thogai’ and ‘Pari Padal’ have mentioned that ancient Tamil originated in Kumari continent and scholars had described this place as Lemuria continent.

He added that Kumari Kandam was the cradle of civilization and proof of the ancientness of Tamil culture.

“The proof of the ancientness in Tamil culture and Kumari Kandam as the seat of it is evident from the ‘sanga pulavar shrine’ in Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple and Nakkirar Temple.”

He said that his documentary will be screened for the general public and in schools and colleges to create awareness about the rich and ancient culture of Tamil people.




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