Maha Tourism slaps notice on ‘unregistered’ adventure sports organiser


The Maharashtra Directorate of Tourism (M-DoT) has slapped a notice on a private, ‘unregistered’ adventure sports outfit in connection with the death of an uncle-nephew duo on February 2 at the famed Hadbichi Shendi hillock in Nashik.

The tough trek was organised by Indraprastha Trekkers Group (ITG) in Ahmednagar with around 17 people, including some girls, on the morning of the incident.

It came under the scanner of the state government after two of the trekkers died during the trip and one was injured while trying to rescue them.

The M-DoT has taken serious cognisance of the double tragedy which sent shock waves among adventure sports lovers and organisers in the state.

The authorities have also learnt that the ITG is not a ‘registered’ or a ‘recognised’ group, yet, it went ahead and organised the potentially hazardous trek on the Hadbichi Shendi hillock in Nashik.

“From August 2021, we had opened the compulsory registration for all such adventures sports/tours/activities with a six-month deadline. Till date, the ITG has not registered itself,” said M-DoT Joint Director Dr Dhananjay D. Sawalkar.

He pointed out that a total of 25 adventure activities related to aerial, terrestrial and water sports have been listed for which registration is compulsory.

“However, after the deadline passed, many organisations or groups have not yet registered themselves for conducting such adventure sports activities. We shall take stringent necessary action against them,” Sawalkar added.



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