Mahesh Babu: “How would I know how much Bollywood pays”


Mahesh Babu stirred up some unnecessary trouble for himself at the trailer launch of the upcoming movie, ‘Major’. During the press meet following the trailer launch, Mahesh Babu was asked about why he wasn’t working in Hindi movies and the Telugu actor winked and responded jokingly, that “Bollywood can’t afford him”.

After saying that he understood Telugu cinema and was comfortable working for the Telugu industry, the actor said, “I may sound arrogant, but I did get a lot of offers in Hindi. But I think they can’t afford me. I don’t want to waste my time. With the stardom and love I have here in Telugu cinema, I never thought of going to another industry. I always thought I will do films here and they will become bigger, and my belief is turning into a reality now. I can’t be happier.”

Mahesh Babu’s comments blew up all over the internet and created a major controversy with many expressing their outrage over the comments made by him. Several people perceived this as an insult to Bollywood and the media sensationalised it further by asking all celebrities for their take on the comments made by Mahesh Babu.

Following the outrage, Mahesh sent out a statement through his agency stating that his comments were blown out of proportion and that he has nothing but respect for all Indian languages. The statement further said that Mahesh’s intent behind the statement was to re-iterate that he was comfortable working in the Telugu movie industry and was happy that Telugu cinema was getting recognition.

The star who is known for his affability decided to set the record straight and said, “It was all said in a light-hearted way. Does anyone seriously think I’d comment about fees at a public place? And how would I know how much Bollywood pays to its actors to say something like this seriously?”

When he was asked if he would take up an offer from Bollywood, he said, “Of course! I’d love to do a Hindi film. In fact, I’d like to do films in as many languages as possible. But Telugu cinema will always remain my priority.”

Viewers might get to see Mahesh Babu in a Hindi film sooner than expected as the star has signed up for SS Rajamouli’s next which is slated to be a Hindi-Tamil-Telugu tri-lingual film.


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