Mahika Sharma: I miss performing on I-Day events

Actress Mahika Sharma says she misses performing on Independence Day event celebrations as the day has become like just another holiday.

She says: “Due to Covid-19 restrictions since last year there are no events happening. And it has resulted in no bookings for the dance performances. I am now missing my dance performances and stage shows. Since my school days I used to perform and later I started doing it professionally. It was a source of earning for many celebrities.”

The actress, known for featuring in shows like ‘Ramayana’, ‘Police Factory’ and ‘F.I.R’, says today the day is nothing more than a holiday. “Today the day is marked as just one of the holidays. We have become busy with our work lives, August 15 is merely seen as another holiday. Some people plan a vacation trip, while other people may have lined up some pending work to finish on this day.”

She adds: “And some might want to sleep through the whole day! Well, not denying the fact that the feeling of independence and respect for this day will always persist in our heart, but the enthusiasm to celebrate this day may have taken a backseat somewhere down the line which is actually sad.”

The actress is currently shooting for her upcoming Bollywood movie ‘The Modern Culture’ which also stars adult actor Danny D.