Maintain records of all guests, Jaipur Police orders hotels, guest houses


The Jaipur Police on Tuesday directed all hotels, guest houses and lodges to maintain records of all guests visiting them by collecting details of their authorised ID cards along with their name, telephone number and address.

Ajay Pal Lamba, assistant police commissioner, in the order said “The identity cards, mobile numbers and other information of the persons staying at hotels, guest houses, lodges should be maintained and police should be informed in relation to any suspicious activity. It is necessary to upload this information on the e-visitors’ portal of police. This order has come into effect from today and will remain in force till September 4.”

The order says, “Anti-social and anti-national elements may be hiding in hotels, dharamshalas and guest houses without authorized identification, In such a situation it is necessary to take necessary steps for the safety of the citizens.”

Further the order says that it will be necessary to upload this information on the e-visitors portal of the police.



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