Maisie Williams and Freddie Highmore to lead crime comedy Sinner V. Saints


‘Game of Thrones’ famed Maisie Williams, who is best known for playing Arya Stark on the show and Freddie Highmore, who led the show, ‘Good Doctor’ are coming together to play the lead in a true crime comedy titled ‘Sinner V. Saints’

The movie is being directed by Tim Kirby of ‘Fleabag’ fame. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter the movie is set in London and L.A. of the 1970s and it is based on the real-life scandal that made global headlines.

The scandal revolved around a MENSA queen who takes all kinds of extreme steps to stop a Mormon church from taking away her sexual obsession – a Mormon missionary.

WestEnd Films will be launching international sales for the movies at Cannes 2022. Andriana Williams and Mark Williams of Inspire Division of Zero Gravity are the producers of this movie.

The screenplay has been written by Jill Hoppe and it has been based on a combination of news reports as well as the book, ‘Joyce McKinney And The Case Of The Manacled Mormon’ authored by Anthony Delano.

The movie is set to start production in early 2023 and it will be shot in the U.K. as well as the U.S.

Speaking about the upcoming movie, producer Andriana Williams said, “It’s rare to find an over-the-top true story with compelling characters and zany twists and turns like this. “The all-consuming passion, absurd lawbreaking, and outrageous antics made news around the world then and can be sure to entertain today.”

Director Tim Kirby too spoke about the movie and said, “I’ve never read a more no-holds-barred fever dream of a script that whisks the reader on a journey of sex, obsession, and rock ‘n’ religion like Sinner v. Saints. Obsessive first love is a magnificent premise, and sprinkle on top a killer true story involving abduction, quirky supporting characters and the era of free love, and you have a cocktail of something very potent. It is a pleasure to roll around in the world of our anti-heroine Joyce McKinney.”

Maisie Williams is famous the world over as Arya Stark but the young actor has also worked in movies like ‘The Book of Love’ and ‘The New Mutants’. Freddie Highmore firs became famous as the child artist who played Charlie Bucket in the Johnny Depp starrer, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. He is currently starring in the medical drama, ‘Good Doctor’.


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