Major anti-govt demonstration held in Czech Republic

A major demonstration took place in Prague, calling for the resignation of the incumbent Czech government over its alleged failure to manage the ongoing energy crisis.

Wednesday’s demonstration was organised by a group called The Czech Republic in the First Place, which also called for Czech Republic’s direct contracts with gas suppliers at low prices, military neutrality, and political independence in decision-making with regard to the European Union (EU), reports Xinhua news agency.

“We want to make a complete reversal of the political trajectory in our country. We want to achieve this change in a non-violent way,” organiser Jiri Havel was quoted as saying by the Czech News Agency.

Police said tens of thousands of participants attended the rally at Prague’s Wenceslas Square on Wednesday afternoon.

One demonstrator said the Czech government “fights against its own people and supports Ukraine; our people are poor, single people are poor, pensioners are poor”.

Another said that the “politicians who are in the government today are not politicians, they are actors who play a role for Brussels”.

Demonstrations with the same appeal also took place in other Czech cities including the second biggest city Brno on Wednesday.

In early September, a similar demonstration attended by about 70,000 people was held in the capital.




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