Makeup just got a Juicy makeover

New Delhi, Dec 1 (IANSlife) Most people will agree that wearing makeup entails making a trade-off between having high-performance products that may or may not be skin-friendly and natural formulations that lack the efficacy of high-performance products. Juicy Chemistry is no stranger to challenging the conventional wisdom around organic beauty. Color Chemistry, a line of ecocert-certified organic colour cosmetics launched on November 30, mixes skin-friendly, performance-enhancing chemicals with pigment.

People experience dealing with skin care issues over the years may use of abrasive pigments, petrolatums, and heavy metals in colour cosmetics which affect long-term skin health. All of these elements were the underlying cause of the makeup-related vicious cycle that resulted in clogged pores, acne, hyper pigmentation, and dry skin in the end.

In order to deliver 120+ SKUs, one high-performance product line that is high on quality, is organic, sustainably packaged, ethically sourced, free from synthetic fragrances and talc, the brand was developed over the course of 24 months by a 10-member core team working across 4 manufacturing locations, 3 consulting firms, and 2 award-winning makeup artists.

The inaugural release includes 20-shade foundations, eight baked compacts, eight concealers, six lip & cheek tints, twelve lipsticks, three lip glosses, five kajals, and three eyeshadow quads. In the second phase, we will add 16 lip crayons, primer, eye mascara, setting powders, blush, highlighter, and hair mascara to the categories. The inclusive line from Color Chemistry is made with purpose and integrity, is gender-neutral, and does not contain any animal products.

Wearable neutrals, pinks, berries, and red tones are all featured in the rich and varied palette of our lip products. Our eye makeup uses a similar vivid colour scheme. It has taken 5 important steps by joining the Campaign for safe cosmetics:

Drop Harmful ingredients

Adopt a do not use list

Avoid toxic substitutes

Commit to ingredient transparency

Follow the most stringent European standards for safety of our customers

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