Malaika, Terence, Geeta recalls moments shared with their moms on ‘IBD 2’ set


Mothers are special to each one of us and contestants in the upcoming ‘Maa Special’ episode of ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’ will try to bring out the same emotion through their dance moves. After looking at them, judges Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapur also share fond childhood memories with their mothers.

Malaika says: “Growing up, everyone used to call me Mallu and then Mallu became Malla. Now, I think everyone has forgotten that my actual name is Malaika. However, my mother has always called me beta. I ask her, is it because you don’t have a son? She says, ‘no it’s because you are our first born, so you are our beta’.”

Geeta’s mother on the other hand, now calls her ‘mumma’ and this is quite special for Geeta, she believes after a certain age parents have a different approach towards their children.

“Earlier, mumma used to call me Geetu or beta but eventually, she started calling me ‘mumma’! I believe after a point, roles get reversed between parents and children. When I started taking care of her, she started calling me ‘mumma’.”

Terence also shares his nickname that was given to him by his mother.

“My mother has always called me Terry, which I am not very fond of. ‘You can call me Dr. T but not Terry please’.”



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