Malayalam cinema’s creative duo Jayasurya, Ranjith retrace journey together

Actor Jayasurya and director Ranjith Sankar have teamed up once again for the actor’s 100 film titled ‘Sunny’. The Malayalam film marks the eighth collaboration of the actor-director duo. Both of them share mutual feelings of comfort working with each other.

Ranjith and Jayasurya have earlier worked together in films like ‘Su.. Su… Sudhi Vathmeekam’, ‘Pretham’, ‘Pretham 2’, ‘Punyalan Private Limited’ and ‘Njan Marykutty’.

Talking about the camaraderie between himself and Ranjith, Jayasurya says: “There are no secrets between us and that’s why we work well together. Even when Ranjith approached me for ‘Sunny’, initially, it didn’t work for me and I told him that I don’t think I will be able to pull off this character. But I later called him up we sat, discussed and then we decided to go ahead with the movie. Our mutual thoughts and understanding makes working together smoother. I think friendship is the main part of this relationship. That’s how we keep doing our films.”

Speaking about the rapport that he and the actor share, director Ranjith shared, “Even I feel the same sentiment that Jayasurya does. Our friendship is the main reason behind our successful films. The understanding between us makes it easier for us to take things forward.”

Written and directed by Ranjith, ‘Sunny’ stars seasoned actor Jayasurya in the lead. ‘Sunny’ will stream on Amazon Prime Video starting September 23.