Mallika Sherawat refused to do ‘Jalebi Baby’, thought it was a prank


Mallika Sherawat is back in action and is working hard to promote her upcoming movie, ‘RK/Rkay’. During the course of her promotions, the ‘Pyar Ke Side Effects’ actress is giving numerous interviews to various media outlets.

In her many interactions with the media, Mallika Sherawat recently revealed that she was offered the song ‘Jalebi Baby’ but she refused outright assuming it was a prank call.

For the unversed, Mallika Sherawat danced for the very popular song, ‘Jalebi Bai’ from the movie, ‘Double Dhamaal’ back in 2011.

Nearly a decade later, in 2020, artist Tesher took inspiration from the original ‘Jalebi Bai’ and created, ‘Jalebi Baby’. Naturally, the makers first thought of the original ‘Jalebi’ actor and so reached out to Mallika Sherawat.

The actress said that she outright refused the offer and also shared that she had no idea about how popular ‘Jalebi baby’ would get. She said that people on the street would call out asking, “Are you Jalebi Baby?”

Mallika Sherawat, in a conversation with Mashable, said, “They called me and asked me if I can do this song. Mujhe laga kaun faltu hai (I was like who is this person). And I told them, don’t call and disturb me and get lost. I cut the call then. I wasn’t even aware who was Tesher. How would I know? I get so many crank calls and I thought someone is doing a prank on me.”

Mallika, who will be seen soon in the movie, ‘RK/Rkay’ spoke about moving on from Hollywood and pursuing a career in Hollywood. In an interview with ETimes, she shared, “After having worked in Bollywood for 5-7 years, I thought the time was right to explore other horizons and different cultures. Faced with that situation, I told myself, why not. What have I got to lose? I have made enough name for myself in India. I’ve got money. I’ve got fame. Let’s try to go to a new country. And boy, was it a good decision! I met with President Barack Obama, twice. I did a music video with Bruno Mars. I did an independent film called ‘Politics of Love’. It was really fruitful.”

Mallika also revealed in another interview that actresses who claimed they never auditioned for roles were lying. She worked with martial arts icon Jackie Chan in the movie, ‘Myth’ and during the course of the filming, she personally saw the various audition tapes of many actresses who “claimed” they never auditioned.


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