Thursday, June 20, 2024

‘Mamata Banerjee enemy of Rajbanshi people’: KLO chief in video released from underground

  Kamtapur Liberation Organisation’s (KLO) chief Jeevan Singh, who is currently underground, on Friday described the Trinamool Congress and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as the “enemy” of the people of Rajbanshi community.

In a video message shot at an undisclosed location – a copy of which is available with IANS, he also called upon the people of the community to boycott Trinamool in the forthcoming panchayat polls.

“An election wave is going on in West Bengal. Leaders from Kolkata are coming and trying to lure the people from the community. But remember that they are enemies of our people and our land. They are deliberately trying to keep Cooch Behar as a part of West Bengal,” Singh said in the video message.

He also accused the Trinamool of “ruining the lives” of the people of the proposed Kamtapur region.

“We have seen how the Chief Minister opposed the formation of a separate Kamtapur state. The Trinamoolleaders and activists are torturing our people. They are killing our people. Our people are being framed in false cases. The Chief Minister is our enemy,” Singh added.

He also hit out at the previous Left Front regime in West Bengal. “The previous regime was responsible for taking away our land from us,” he said. He also claimed that he has dedicated his life to achieving the separate Kamtapur state.

Meanwhile, a political slugfest between BJP and Trinamool Congress erupted over the video. On one hand, a Trinamool leader from Cooch Behar district has alleged that Singh has read out the script prepared by the BJP, and on theother, BJP’s district President Sukumar Roy had said that his party cannot take responsibility for the video released by Singh, who is no way associated with BJP.



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