Man arrested for blackmailing friend to extort money

A man was arrested for blackmailing his friend by threatening to make his personal videos viral with the motive of extorting money.

According to a police statement, A 30-year-old man lodged a complaint alleging that on September 23, someone had dropped an envelope with a bunch of flowers at his house. The envelop contained a letter with a pendrive allegedly containing obscene videos of the complainant with his girl friend and letter demanding Rs 10 lakh with threat that if the money is not paid, this video would be made viral in the next morning itself.

Five teams of police personnel were formed to investigate the matter, wherein a trap was laid to nab the extortionist by placing the said bag at the stated isolated place and time under Lakshmi Nagar flyover. The blackmailer was arrested while picking up the bag from the spot at midnight.

Accused identified as Sameer Johry (31) admitted that he had placed the said envelop containing the pendrive and demand letter for Rs 10 lakh from the complainant, who turned out to be his friend for the last 7-8 years. They both worked in a software company in 2020.

The accused had copied his friend’s data while he had used Johry’s laptop for some work and had forgotten to log out.

Johry took this step to pay his debts as he had luxurious lifestyle and was facing financial crisis.

Later during investigation, one hard disk allegedly containing obscene videos of complainant with his girl friend, macbook, pendrive, pen and car used in the crime were recovered at his instance, the statement added.