Man arrested in Kanpur for faking identity to lure Hindu girl

A 50-year-old Muslim man was arrested in Kanpur on charges of luring a Hindu girl into a relationship through social media by faking his identity.

The accused, Shahenshah Alam is a resident of Kathara area.

He came in touch with the girl, who belongs to Bihar’s Motihari district, a few months ago through Facebook and he had promised to marry her and get a job for her in Kanpur, the police said.

In her complaint, the girl claimed that the accused “lured” her into a relationship by concealing his religious identity.

After being invited by Alam on Saturday, the girl reached a hotel in Kanpur’s Copperganj locality.

Alam, who was wearing a mask, switched off the light of the hotel room and molested her.

When the girl switched on the lights of the room, she was shocked to see a 50-year-old man standing in front of her instead of the person whose picture she had seen in his social media account.

The girl said that the accused had given his name as Sachin Sharma.

Sheraised an alarm after which the hotel staff alerted the police. Later, activists of Bajrang Dal workers also reached the spot and created a ruckus.

ACP T.B. Singh said that during investigation, it came to fore that the name of the arrested middle-aged man is Shahenshah Alam, who is a bike mechanic by profession.

Police officials said that the matter is under investigation.




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