Man attempts suicide after in-laws ‘kidnap’ his wife

A man attempted suicide after his in-laws “kidnapped” his wife in Ahmedabad.

Sachin Nai, who attempted suicide on Friday evening, is struggling for his life in hospital.

Sachin’s father Subhash alleged: “Since my son married Manasvi on December 9, he was harassed and tortured by his in-laws and upper caste members of the Bhutavad village as we are from barber ‘Nai’ community.”

“Our community members faced social boycott at the hands of upper caste villagers, and after the Aravalli police and district administration intervened, the boycott ended,” Subhash alleged.

However, after that, Manasvi was kidnapped by his father Arvind Chaudhary and three others on January 20 from Ahmedabad, where the couple used to reside, Subhash claimed.

Subhash said, “Almost seven days have passed since Manasvi was kidnapped, but there is no action by the police. Due to continous pressure by his in-laws to sever relationship with Manasvi, my son attempted suicide.”




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