Man gets drunkard son killed by hired killers; arrested in K’taka

In a shocking incident the Karnataka police have arrested a father on the charge of getting his drunkard son killed by hiring supari killers in Hubballi city, the police said on Tuesday.

Bharat Mahajan Sait, an industrialist from Hubballi is the arrested father. The deceased was identified as 30-year-old Akhil Sait.

According to the police, the father had registered a missing person complaint on December 3 with the Keshvapur police. When the police got suspicious about the father, as his statements did not corroborate, they grilled him.

The accused then spilled the beans about hiring supari killers and paying them Rs 10 lakh. He told the police that his son came home every day in an inebriated state. He quarrelled with his wife.

When the father admonished the son, he threatened to get him killed. The angry father then hired supari killers. The police learnt that Akhil Sait was killed in an isolated place. They are yet to recover the body.

The police have also gathered the details of the alleged supari killers, Mahadeva Nalawada, Saleem aka Salauddin Moulvi and Rahman.






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