Man held in Lucknow for robbing his aunt’s house

A youth in Uttar Pradesh’s state capital Lucknow chose to steal from his aunt’s house in order to repay his debts, Police said.

The accused Abdullah Iqbal, 26, has been arrested and the police have recovered Rs 5.68 lakh and ornaments worth Rs 28 lakh from his possession.

The Police added that the houseowner Shabana Khan of Moazzmnagar locality, along with her son, had gone to attend a marriage function on December 3 and found the house burgled when she returned home the next day.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP), Chiranjeev Nath Sinha, said, “It was not possible for anyone to break the lock of the inside door without entering the house as its front door and staircase door were closed and the locks at these doors were intact.”

This gave enough hint that someone was present in the house and fled after breaking the lock at the inside door in the back portion of the house.

“A CCTV camera footage showed Iqbal lurking around the house with a bag, raising our suspicion and therefore he was rounded up,” the officer added.

Abdullah said he had visited the house of his aunt on December 3 and came to know her plan to visit the house of her relative to attend the function. He stayed there until the house owner left for the wedding venue and pretended that he also was leaving for his home. But he stayed back and hid in a room.

“After Shabana left house, he rummaged through the house, collected the cash and ornaments and fled the house after breaking the lock at the inside door,” the Police said.

Abdullah said he needed the money to repay his loans.




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