Man who stole bikes for joyrides arrested in Delhi

Most wanted auto-lifter, who used to steal bikes only for joyrides, was held in Delhi’s Dwarka District.

A senior police officer said that the accused used to do the crime only for pleasure. Ten stolen vehicles were recovered from him.

“Our beat staff received secret information regarding the movement of an active auto-lifter, who will come in the area of Bindapur for committing the crime. We formed a team and laid a trap to catch the accused. The police asked him to slow down the vehicle but instead he accelerated and tried to run away. The police chased him for half a kilometre and caught him,” the police said.

On interrogation, the thief, identified as Ravi, disclosed that he stole two-wheelers from different areas of Delhi only for joyriding.

“He liked joyriding on stolen bikes. He used to choose bikes before stealing them. He would not sell them to anyone,” said a police source.




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