Mandatory Olympics iOS, Android app spying on athletes for China: Report

A researcher has found that the mandatory Beijing 2022 Olympics app for iOS and Android is reportedly collecting and sending audio to Chinese servers.

According to AppleInsider, researcher Jonathan Scott had posted his findings after reverse-engineering the mandatory MY2022 Olympics app.

As it turns out, the app is capable of spying on Olympians and attendees and sending the audio to Chinese servers to be analysed, the report said.

MY2022 is a non-optional app that must be used by both athletes and attendees of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The app is designed to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and act as a central hub for information on events, weather, travel, and points of interest.

The App Store listing claims that the app does not collect data, though Scott has shown it does. The app doesn’t employ exploits or security holes, the report said.

Instead, it actively listens to all audio and sends it off to servers based in China, it added.

If the app is moved to the background, it will force itself to the foreground to ensure it has permission to listen in, claims Scott.




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