Mango varieties from Bengal, Bihar to be showcased in Bahrain

For the first time, 4,000 kg kilogram mangoes, spanning 16 varieties from West Bengal and Bihar, will be exported to Bahrain and will be displayed in different stalls there for eight days.

The process is a part of the effort to promote the local and lesser-known mangoes internationally.

To promote the lesser-known mangoes of the state and Bihar, the Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has organised the event for the promotion of these kinds of mangoes so that these can develop an international acceptance which eventually will enhance production. The exported mangoes will be showcased at 13 stores in Bahrain from June 11.

Other than a few commercial kinds, most of these varieties are indigenous, lesserknown and confined to the local areas only.

“One of the APEDA registered exporters from Kolkata is hosting the programme at Bahrain along with their importer client,” a senior state Horticulture Department official, who did not want to be identified, told IANS.

All these varieties have been chosen based on their characteristics of being extremely delicious and unique in their own way. The first consignment was shipped on Tuesday. The second consignment would be shipped on June 10, depending upon the flight availability.

The Horticulture Department official said that the mangoes would be sent by the exporter from the Centre for Perishable Cargo (CPC) Kolkata Airport on a commercial basis. Considering the fruit’s perishability, the export consignment has been divided into two parts.

According to senior government officials, the entire programme was conceptualised and organised by the exporters and importers themselves.

“We are only working as facilitators. The importer and the exporter have jointly have done all the necessary arrangements to organise the show at their stores which includes live streaming through WEBEX at 5 of its stores, attractive display of the mangoes, preparation and putting up of banners/posters, inviting the local government officials and customers from other Gulf countries for the launch of the show,” an official said.

“Such export promotion activity may open new horizons for the farmers and exporters to start sending overseas the indigenous and unique varieties of mangoes and thus help in the mandate of the state government to raise the farmers’ income,” the official said.