Mango ‘weds’ tamarind in unusual ritual to revive UP river

It was truly a wedding with a difference. The groom was ‘Chiranjeev Rasal’ and the bride was ‘Ayushmati Imli’.

‘Chiranjeev Rasal’ was a mango and the bride was a piece of tamarind.

Cards printed for the wedding termed the groom as ‘king of fruits’ and the bride was ‘chulbuli putri’.

The unique wedding was solemnized on Sunday with the intention of reviving the Kathina river in Mustafabad.

The ‘baraat’ comprised around 400 guests that came on bullock carts. Fifty newly married couples were also a part of the ceremonies.

The wedding was solemnized in a gaily decorated ‘mandap’ and the guests were served a sumptuous dinner comprising ‘poori’, ‘sabzi’, ‘raita’ and ‘dahi-vada’.

A sapling of tamarind tree was also planted at the venue.

Chief Development Officer (CDO), Akshat Verma said that the local people had been planning the wedding for the past several days. They believed that the event will help in the revival of the Kathina river, Verma said.

The local people now plan to plant fruit trees along the river bank, which they believe will revive the river.