Manipur hopeful of ‘improved’ living standards by 2022: Survey


The ABP-CVoter-IANS State of States 2021 tracker has revealed that 51.2 per cent of Manipur’s surveyed population is hopeful that its standards of living “will improve” in the next one year — by 2022.

Similarly, the people of Goa, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have voted in favour of better days with 29.5 per cent, 18.9 per cent, 31.3 per cent and 29.3 per cent, respectively, going with the “will improve” option in answer to the question “whether they feel that in the next one year, their living standard will improve”.

Of the surveyed states, Punjab is the only one wherein 28.7 per cent people have gone with “will deteriorate” option and have exceeded those who have answered positively by almost 10 per cent (9.8 per cent to be specific).

Punjab is followed by Manipur in terms of naysayers with 28.2 per cent of the surveyed masses believing that their condition will not improve a year from now.

In Goa, 25.5 per cent of people believe that the quality of their living standard will go down with 7.9 per cent of the surveyed population going with the “will remain the same” option.

Coming to the northern states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, 24.9 per cent and 23.7 per cent of the masses, respectively, have gone with the “will deteriorate” option. Meanwhile, 11.3 per cent in the hill state and 6.5 per cent of those in the adjoining state of Uttar Pradesh think that their way of life “will remain the same”.

Similarly, 9.1 per cent of Manipur’s and 7.7 per cent of Punjab’s population have chosen to take the middle ground.

The northeastern state of Manipur, which has accounted for the highest percentage of optimistic voters, has recorded 11.6 per cent of people who have gone with the “Can’t Say” option — the lowest amongst the five states.

Meanwhile, 37.1 per cent in Goa, 44.8 per cent in Punjab, 38.5 per cent in Uttar Pradesh and 34.5 per cent in Uttarakhand are unsure about the future of their living standard.

The total sample size amounts to 98,121 with 50,936 people being surveyed in Uttar Pradesh, 18,642 people in Punjab, 13,975 in Uttarakhand, 13,048 in Goa and 1,520 in the northeastern state of Manipur.

A total of 690 seats were covered in the survey with Uttar Pradesh accounting for 403 seats, Punjab for 117 seats, Uttarakhand for 70 and Goa and Manipur for 40 and 60 seats, respectively.