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Manipur violence: CBI files 6 FIRs, initiates probe into purported conspiracy

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed six FIRs and formed a special team to probe the alleged conspiracy related to the ethnic violence in Manipur, officials said.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, during his visit to Manipur, had ordered a CBI probe into the matter.

“As part of the CBI investigation, six cases have been identified for further examination. One of these cases focuses on a possible common conspiracy, aiming to determine whether the ethnic violence was pre-planned. The investigation will delve into the details to uncover any evidence suggesting a coordinated effort behind the unrest,” said an official.

Last Thursday, the central government had announced several actions to bring peace and rebuild trust in Manipur, which has been facing unrest since May 3. These measures included the investigation of the situation by a special team from the CBI and the formation of a Judicial Commission.

During his Manipur visit, Amit Shah had told reporters in Imphal that a special team from the CBI would handle six cases connected to the riots. Additionally, a Judicial Inquiry Commission, led by a retired High Court judge, would investigate the origins of the violence and identify any potential conspiracy that led to unrest in the state. He had said that the government was taking these steps to understand the reasons behind the turmoil and hold those responsible accountable.

As of June 3, a total of 3,734 FIRs have been filed in Manipur where clashes between the Kuki and Meitei communities have resulted in over 100 deaths since May 3. The district with the highest number of cases is Imphal West, with 1,257 FIRs registered. Kangpokpi district follows with 932 cases, and Bishnupur district with 844 cases, as per the Chief Minister’s office.



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