Friday, July 12, 2024

Man’s shooting bid in Thane bakery fails as pistol jams

An unidentified gunman barged into a bakery in Thane on Friday, pointed a gun at some staffers, and attempted to shoot them, but the gun got jammed and he fled the spot, police said.

The shocking incident happened in the International Baking Company’s Mira Road town outlet around 10 a.m., said an official of Kashi-Mira Road Police Station.

The unknown person, wearing a helmet, entered the bakery and pointed the revolver at the staffers who froze in terror, and started to shoot them, but the weapon did not fire.

Panicking, the would-be-shooter opened the bakery door and fled from the scene.

The bakery staffers alerted the police and senior officials led by Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayant Bajbale and others rushed to the spot. The police have formed a special squad to track the mystery gunman, checking the CCTVs on the roads and other locations.

The incident at the shop, which is barely a few metres away from the local police station, sent shockwaves in the locality even as police beefed up patrolling and security as a precaution

The motive of his act, the entire sequence of which was recorded in the shop’s CCTV, is not clear.



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