Many NDA supporters feel govt is failing to stop terrorists in J&K

The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, particularly the Kashmir Valley, has recently witnessed a spate of targeted and selective killings of minority Hindus and Muslims who are either progressive or display support for India.

In just about a day after the brutal killing of a Hindu female school teacher in Kulgam, a Hindu bank manager from Rajasthan, who was posted at Kulgam just a few days ago, was killed in cold blood inside the bank in the same town.

This, along with the series of targeted killings where 18 innocent civilians have been mercilessly murdered, has enraged the Hindu minorities living there. It seems to have also affected the people living in other parts of India. Even a substantial proportion of NDA supporters feel that the government is failing to stop terrorists from committing these acts of targeted murders.

This was revealed by a nationwide survey conducted by CVoter on behalf of IANS that sought responses from Indians from all socio economic, educational and ethnic backgrounds.

While 61 per cent of NDA supporters were of the opinion that these killings are happening because the terrorists are becoming desperate and the government is not really failing, a significant 31 per cent of NDA supporters felt that the government is actually failing to stop the terrorists.

In the case of opposition supporters, 50 per cent were of the opinion that the government is failing to stop the terrorists while 37 per cent felt the terrorists are becoming desperate.

Violence in the Valley had subsided to a large extent since August 5, 2019 when the controversial Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu & Kashmir was removed by the Union government. However, the last few months have seen widespread resurgence in violence as well as brazen terrorist attacks.




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