Manzoor’s Bankoot dairy farm, saga of struggle to success

This is not just about selling around 200 litres of milk daily from his dairy farm, but for Manzoor Ahmad this has been a journey from struggle to success.

Manzoor used to sell dry fruits from a small shop that was hardly enough to keep the wolf away from his family’s door in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ramban district.

He had always thought of using his agricultural family background to start a dairy farm. Having studied only upto 10 plus 2 Class, he needed technical guidance, advice and support.

This came from the government’s animal husbandry department in his district.

“The animal husbandry department gave me guidance about the benefits of farming schemes, especially about managing a dairy farm.

“I started a dairy farm with 4 cows in my Bankoot village. Under the integrated dairy development scheme, the animal husbandry department sanctioned 20 cows which I bought from Punjab under the supervision of the animal husbandry department.

“The hybrid milch cows doubled both my milk production and income. I sell around 200 litres of milk a day and my monthly sales are around Rs 3 lakhs”, Manzoor said.

Manzoor is supported by his family in carrying on his business. In addition, he has engaged four local helpers to keep the dairy farm in shape.

After seeing the scientific management and the professional skill with which he has been managing his dairy farm, the animal husbandry department recently sanctioned another unit of 5 cows for his farm.

Manzoor now plans to upgrade his farm by buying milking machines, milk ATM, coolers and a Genset.

His success has encouraged many educated, unemployed youth in his district to think in terms of entrepreneurship.

From a job seeker, Manzoor has become a job giver in his area.

Officers of the animal husbandry department in Ramban say the guidance, technical advice and capital investment support by way of financial assistance, subsidy component, etc. are available for every youth interested in benefitting from Manzoor’s example.

Mussarat Islam, Ramban district development commissioner has been taking keen interest in ensuring guidance and support to all those interested in agricultural and allied activities like dairy farming, etc.

“Everybody who needs guidance and support for starting any employment oriented scheme is welcome to call on us for handholding,” the deputy commissioner said.

Manzoor also said youth interested in allied agricultural activity like his are welcome to his dairy farm to get a feel of the way his farm is managed.

This success story holds a basic lesson, you can light a million lamps from one that has successfully removed the dark corners around itself.




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