Maoists suspend ideologue Kobad Gandhy for anti-party views


The Central leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) has suspended its top cadre Kobad Gandhy for anti-revolutionary policy. Gandhy, 74, has spent nearly four decades in Maoist activities including 10 years in prison across six Maoist affected states.

In a statement issued on Wednesday night, CPI(Maoist) said it took action against Gandhy following his his book ‘The Fractured Freedom’ in which he expressed his support to the government.

His book is a prison memoirs which is against the ideologies of Carl Marx, Lenin and Mao.

The book was published after he came out of jail in October 2019. First edition of the book was published in March this year. The CPI (Maoist) in its statement accused Gandhy of abandoning the dialectical and historical materialism principles of Marxism. Gandhy was also accused of not contacting the party leadership after his release from jail.

Gandhy and his wife Anuradha spent a considerable time in Nagpur and eastern Vidarbha region especially Gadchiroli.



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