Margaret Cho: John Travolta is ‘last movie star in a lot of ways’


Actress Margaret Cho says she loved sharing screen space with John Travolta in John Woo’s 1997 action superhit “Face/Off”, adding that she considers the actor the “last movie star”.

Travolta the “last movie star” of Hollywood’s golden age, says CHo, who played the role of Wanda in the film.

“There’s not really American monarchy, but there is in Hollywood if you think about it, and he’s sort of in the last era of the golden age of Hollywood. He’s sort of the last movie star in a lot of ways,” Cho said, according to

She recalled that Travolta always had the same team with him.

“So he had this sort of court around him of different people that he had worked with, his particular crew, whether they were his stand-ins or his stunt doubles or his crew that he would bring from movie to movie,” she said.

She added: “So you would see sort of the skeletal remnants of different films he had done over the years, so that was really interesting. He was really jovial guy, really fun.”