Massive turnout at ex-Pak Senator’s funeral in Balochistan

Muslim Bagh (Balochistan) It was indeed by far one of the biggest funerals in the history of Pashtuns as tens of thousands of supporters of former Pakistan Senator Usman Khan Kakar poured in in massive numbers at the Muslim Bagh area in Qila Saifullah in Balochistan to attend his funeral and witness Kakar being laid to rest in his hometown.

Usman Khan Kakar, a former Senator from Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP), passed away in Karachi on June 21. His doctor Samad Panezai stated that Kakar was shifted to the hospital on June 17 after he received head injuries at his residence in Quetta, the provincial capital of the Balochistan province.

‘Kakar was shifted to the hospital within 30 minutes, where he was operated upon and put on ventilator support. He was later shifted to Karachi’s Agha Khan University Hospital on a special air ambulance where he passed away,’ Panezai said.

Even though the autopsy report of Kakar stated that there were no marks of violence on any part of his body, members of his political party, along with other opposition party members, have raised serous reservations over the Kakar’s death, demanding a parliamentary probe to find out the truth.

‘The alleged head injury could not be commented upon because of the surgical procedures carried out before Kakar’s death. However, CT scans, both antemortem and postmortem, are available, while hospital records and reports of chemical analysis and histopathology are awaited,’ said Summaiya Syed, additional police surgeon at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre.

Mahmood Khan Achakzai, the Chairman of PKMAP, claimed that Kakar did not die a natural death, but was murdered.

Azhakzai, while addressing the attendees at the funeral, claimed that he had evidences that Kakar was attacked at his home due to which he sustained head injuries, which later led to his death.