‘MasterChef India’: ‘Food Pyramid Challenge’ comes as shock to contestants

Celebrity chefs Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna and Garima Arora, who are judges on the cooking-based reality show ‘MasterChef India’, present a new challenge in which eight selected home cooks will compete in the ‘Food Pyramid Challenge’.

The home cooks will have to exchange stations to continue preparing their co-home cook’s meal. They will be really confused during the task, as they will have to swap stations with one another and carry on cooking the dish at the new station.

As the challenge proceeds, Kamaldeep will be puzzled as she tries to figure out how to finish preparing the dish of Gurkirat. When Suvarna gets frustrated cooking on the new station, she hurls a bowl exclaiming: “There is neither salt nor sugar in the dish. What was he making?”

Santa adds: “I was confident about gaining immunity through my dish, but now I guess it is not my day today.”

After all of the meals have been made, the judges are amused by the numerous combinations of dishes offered to them. Chef Ranveer asks: “Tell me how to cook chicken with a duck leg.”

‘MasterChef India’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.




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