Mathura seer photoshops pic with Yogi


A seer from Mathura morphed a picture in which he positioned himself next to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at a function and posted it on the social media.

As the post went viral and created a furore, the account and the post were quietly deleted.

According to reports, Sant Shivoham Sarkar posted the photograph of Yogi addressing a press conference in Lucknow after the presentation of the annual budget on Thursday.

Seated next to the Chief Minister was the state’s Finance Minister Suresh Khanna but, in the photograph, posted on social media, Sant Shivoham Sarkar’s face has been superimposed on Khanna’s and he is seen sitting next to Yogi.

Journalists, who were present at the press conference, were shocked to see the photograph which went viral late on Thursday night.

Senior police officials, when asked on Friday morning, said that they had not yet seen the photograph but would not find out and take action, if needed.



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