Matt Damon and Ben Affleck team up for the sports drama on Nike Man


Popular Hollywood stars, Good Will Hunting co-stars and good friends, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are reuniting once again, this time for a biopic based on the life of Sony Vaccaro, a former Nike executive.

The feature will come from Amazon Studios and Skydance sports and the deal is currently about to be finalised.

As reported by THR, Affleck will direct, produce and co-star the untitled sports drama and Matt Damon will be starring writing and producing this. Mandalay Pictures is attached to the project as producers as well.

Reportedly, Damon will be playing the role of Sony Vaccaro and Affleck will be playing the role of Phil Knight, Nike’s co-founder. The movie will be about Nike’s effort to sign basketball legend Michael Jordan to the shoe company in the mid-80s, a deal that seemed like a long shot at the time but was sealed in thanks to Nike’s maverick salesman. The movie will explore the relationship between an athlete and an athletic brand.

Through this deal, the multi-million-dollar sneaker industry was launched and in turn the sport and its athletes also became a global sensation.

The story will chronicle Vaccaro’s efforts to sign Jordan, a process through which Vaccaro met Jordan’s parents, particularly the athlete’s dynamic mother, his former coaches, friends and advisors. As reported, Michael Jordan will remain a mythic figure in the movie, who is mentioned but never seen despite Vaccaro’s best efforts to reach him by getting close to everyone around him.

For the movie, the key elements of the story come from the 2015 documentary on ESPN titled, ‘Sole Man’ which was centered around Vaccaro. Skydance Sports worked hard to secure the rights to Vaccaro’s life story.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are currently reworking the script of the movie. No release dates or other cast details have been released yet.


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