Mayor Tory vows to ‘root out thugs’

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Mayor John Tory says he expects the Toronto police to “do everything possible to root out the thugs” after a rash of gun violence in the city on the weekend, but one activist says his measures will not deter violence “in any way, shape, or form.”

Tory’s comments come after two men were shot and killed and a woman injured in a Saturday night shooting on Queen Street West, and four men were injured in a Sunday night shooting in Kensington Market.

The city is hiring 200 police officers this year, Tory noted in his statement, saying modernization of Toronto Police Service will mean more officers on patrol.

But with tough policing on the cards, once again there are chances of aggressive interactions between cops and people of interest or suspects on the streets, which will undoubtedly be filmed and shared on social media. This makes it hard for police who are risking their lives by confronting often dangerous individuals carrying weapons. If they discharge their weapon in the interaction, all hell will break loose. If they police lightly which seems to be the case, crime increases, and they are blamed for not doing their jobs. – CINEWS

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