MCC clears de Kock of wrongdoing in Zaman run out


The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) said on Monday that South Africa wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock had not fallen foul of the laws against fake fielding during the run out of Pakistan’s Fakhar Zaman in the 2nd ODI.

The MCC, which manages the laws of cricket, said that it is up to the umpires to decide if there was a willful attempt from the fielder to deceive the batsman.

“Law 41.5.1 states: It is unfair for any fielder willfully to attempt, by word or action, to distract, deceive or obstruct either batsman after the striker has received the ball,” said the MCC in a statement.

“The Law is clear, with the offence being an ATTEMPT to deceive, rather than the batsman actually being deceived.

“It’s up to the umpires to decide if there was such an attempt. If so, then it’s Not out, 5 Penalty runs + the 2 they ran, and batsmen choose who faces next ball,” the MCC tweeted.

Zaman was denied a second ODI double century when he was run out by Aiden Markram’s direct hit from the long off boundary on 193 off 155 balls.

De Kock was signalling towards the non-striker’s while the batsmen started running for the second run which prompted Zaman to look back while running to striker’s end. By the time he realised that the ball was coming to the striker’s end it was too late for him to make ground.