Meat shops open in Delhi’s INA Market

The meat shops here at the INA Market that remained briefly shut on Tuesday, were again opened by the vendors, saying there was no official direction to close them.

INA Traders Association member Ramesh Bhutani told IANS on Wednesday that “some mediapersons had come to the market on April 4, and asked the meat shop owners to down their shutters from Tuesday”.

“It is because of this rumour, several shops remained closed till 3 p.m. but when the vendors contacted me, I told them that there is no written order from the SDMC and they can open the shops,” he said.

On April 4, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) Mayor Mukesh Suryan had written a letter to the SDMC Commissioner, urging the latter to issue necessary directions for the closure of meat shops during the 9-day period of Navaratri festival from April 2-11. However, no official order was given by the SDMC Commissioner after this.

On Tuesday, April 5, the shops remained shut for a brief period amid rumours of licence cancellation. However, the vendors opened it later in the evening.

A meat shop vendor Sanjay Kumar while talking to IANS said that they have not received any written order or directions from the Municipal Corporation to close their shops.

Asked about Tuesday’s brief closure of shops, Kumar said: “Several among us usually close our shops on every Tuesday, but this time those who kept shops open had also shut it owing to the rumours of cancellation of licence.”

“Even during the Covid times, whenever the corporation wanted to shut the market, they used to send a written order, but this time there was no such information,” Bhutani added.

Notably, during the 9-day period of Navaratri festival, the devotees observe fast for nine days, stick to vegetarian diet and do not consume non-veg food items.




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