Meera Chopra to lead ‘Super Woman’, a movie on asexuality

Meera Chopra is not one to shy away from challenging subjects when it comes to her performances. Her latest project is an example of her drive for versatility. The movie, titled, ‘Super Woman’ is India’s first movie ever to tackle the subject of asexuality.

Meera was recently at Cannes Film Festival, 2022 for the unveiling of the first look of another movie of hers called, ‘Safed’.

As reported by Bollywood Hungama, while talking about ‘Super Woman, Meera Chopra said, “I was so intrigued by the script. The term ‘asexual’ is alien to Indians. So many women and men struggle to make their peers understand how they feel about it. While researching for the film, I came across jaw-dropping statistics on the number of suicides and forced marriages of asexual women. It is alarming! With “Super Women,” we aim to bring a ray of hope to people who are struggling to convey their real feelings to society.”

Meera also spoke about her recent outing at Cannes for ‘Safed’ and said, “It was a surreal and overwhelming experience for us. We were wearing the badge to represent our country and represent the revolution in Indian cinema. ‘Safed’ is a heart-warming film that shows the true essence of the struggles faced by widows and transgenders in society. A.R Rahman unveiled the first look of our film, making it even more special. “

Circling back to ‘Super Woman, Meera further said, “Super Woman is an ode to all the superwomen out there who are defying societal norms. The world out there needs to know that a woman cannot be defined by her sexuality. ‘Sexual’ or ‘asexual,’ every woman has the ability to conquer the world. We are not the ‘weaker’ sex anymore. A woman’s greatest strength doesn’t lie in her sexuality, it lies in her character, her spirit, and her personality. A woman’s worth is beyond her sexuality and our film states this beautifully. While researching I was appalled to see documentaries that belittled women merely as sex objects.”

The director for ‘Super Woman’ is Zaigham Imam. He is best known for ‘Nakkash’, a movie which won him the best director award in 2019 at the India International Film Festival in Boston.

‘Super Woman’ has been produced by Golden Ratio Films.



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