Meerut University includes traditional games in syllabus


In an initiative designed to revive traditional outdoor games that are slipping into oblivion, the Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCSU) in Meerut has decided to introduce games like ‘gilli danda’, marbles and ‘stapoo’ (hopscotch) for students pursuing their Bachelors in Physical Education from the new academic session.

The games will be part of a new subject, ‘The Traditional Games of India’ under the BA (Physical Education) degree.

The traditional games are being revived under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, according to the university.

At present, students of Physical Education are taught up to 25 games such as volleyball, wrestling, swimming, cricket and basketball.

K.K. Pandey, Assistant Professor at the Physical Education Department at CCSU, said: “This will provide recognition to games that we all loved as children but which are now getting lost. With the new subject, our students and future physical training instructors (PTIs) will be equipped to train school children in such games.”

He further said that the games are also meant to build strength.

“One of the games that will be taught in the course is called ‘kai danda’ which is generally played in west Uttar Pradesh and is known as ‘aam dali’ in Madhya Pradesh. It prompts children to climb a mango tree while one player chases and catches them. This game not only strengthens muscles in a child but also helps them to concentrate. Marbles also enhance focus while making a child do squats. We hope that the introduction of these games in CCSU will go a long way in their revival and practical application.”