Meet on Sat or tell us time as per your convenience: Kejriwal to L-G

Hours after Delhi Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena wrote to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal over several issues, including his demand to discuss sending teachers to Finland for training, on Friday the CM proposed to the L-G to meet on Saturday or advise the time as per his convenience in a letter.

“I received your letter. You have written that a few days ago when all of us MLAs had come to meet you, and you could not meet as we came suddenly without informing you. If the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, entire cabinet and all MLAs of Delhi were standing at your door, then it is obvious that they had come with a big problem for the state. If you would have wanted, you could have come out and met us even for five minutes. The people of Delhi felt insulted that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi refused to meet the representatives of two crore people,” CM Kejriwal has said in the letter to L-G.

The letter reads further, “In your letter, you have now invited all of us ministers and legislators for dinner for talks, thank you very much for this. If it is convenient for you, we will come to your house on Saturday 21st January at 1 PM. If this time is not convenient for you, then tell us the time as per your convenience, we will come to meet you.”

Underlining the L-G’s comments about Delhi’s education system, Kejriwal said, “No system is perfect. Tremendous improvements have taken place in the education system as compared to earlier. But much remains to be done. If the Central government and all the L-Gs had not obstructed the work of the people of Delhi in the past years, much would have been achieved by now.

“On one hand, L-G Sahib stops the salaries of Mohalla Clinics, payments for lab tests, rent and electricity bills of all clinics, and then says that Mohalla Clinics are not doing well? On the one hand, L-G Sahib orders the officers to stop all the funds of the Delhi Jal Board and then says that the people of Delhi are not getting water? Sir, this type of politics is not good. The Lieutenant Governor should avoid such politics,” reads the letter.

Delhi CM further said, “Constitution has given you three responsibilities – Delhi’s law and order, Delhi Police and DDA. Today, Delhi’s law and order is in the worst condition in the whole country. When the world calls Delhi ‘the rape capital’, every Delhiites hangs his head in shame. Crime is continuously increasing in the city. It has become difficult for any woman to get out of the house. Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal ji has just been attacked. If the Chairperson of the Women’s Commission is not safe then what to talk about a common woman?”

“The people of Delhi have not seen you doing anything for the law and order of the city till date. The people of Delhi have only seen you interfering in the day-to-day affairs of their elected government. There is a lot of anger among the people on why do you put obstacles in the works of the people every day. If the people of Delhi want to send their teachers abroad for training then why do you stop it? When you stop people’s work every day, then people ask “who is L-G Sahib to stop our work”?

“The constitution has given you the task of fixing the law and order situation in Delhi. The constitution has given us the rest of the work, let us do our work. Even if you don’t like our work, you have no right to disturb our work as we don’t disturb your work,” Kejriwal has replied to the L-G.




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