Meet Shyja the woman who “loves” and flaunts her moustache

For several centuries now, society and patriarchy have dictated beauty standards for woman and in many ways set up very unrealistic standards of beauty for women.

One of those unrealistic expectations is to have a flawless skin without any facial hair whatsoever.

But there is one woman residing in the state of Kerala, India, who has been breaking this stereotype for quite a while now and she says that she dons her moustache with a lot of pride.

Speaking about it to, Shyja shares, “I love myself and the moustache. I have never tried to hide it.”

Shyja’s story came to the fore when she recently became a viral sensation on social media. The 34-year-old, though, adds that the saddest part for her is that because she has to wear a mask, her moustache is not as visible as it used to be pre-pandemic.

Shyja shares that while for her, her moustache has been something to be proud of, many people around her constantly tell her she should get rid of it.      

Shyja gave an audio interview to Indian Express Malayalam via phone and during her conversation she said, “I have always had a moustache but it has grown thicker in the past few years. People have advised me to remove the moustache. ‘Isn’t it on my face? So, let it be there’ – this has been my reply to them. I have faced negative comments and teasing all throughout my life. But it doesn’t bother me.”

She also added, “People can say anything. Today it might be my moustache and tomorrow they might be behind something else. That’s their problem…Its human nature…”

She further revealed that for her part she has never tried to remove her moustache. She said, “It is easy to remove it I don’t want to. Let it be there, it is a part of me. Neither my husband nor my daughter has an issue.”

Speaking about the care and grooming for it, Shyja said that she doesn’t take any extra special effort. She simply trims it neatly if and when it grows out of line.



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