‘Meherwan’, Jubin Nautiyal’s latest track from ‘Bekhudi’, tugs at the heartstrings

The trailer of ‘Bekhudi’ starring Adhyayan Suman and Angel dropped recently and, one thing it promises is a melodious soundtrack laced with soul-stirring numbers. The recent track to have come out is the mellifluous love ballad titled ‘Meherwan’. The song crooned by Jubin Nautiyal has been getting rave reviews.

The love number is a beautiful blend of powerful lyrics and Jubin’s unforgettable voice. It portrays the passion of young love and the lengths to which the heart is willing to travel under the influence of the very burning passion. Needless to say, Jubin has cast a spell with his enchanting voice. The song is composed by Rahul Nair with lyrics written by Rajesh Dheeraj.

The soundtrack of the film is fast emerging as the film’s highlight as it comprises chartbusters lined up one after the other with voices like Sonu Nigam, Jubin Nautiyal and Daler Mehndi swaying the audience’s hearts. The soundtrack perfectly complements the film as it renders a haunting depth to its narrative which is woven around the layers of a complex theme.

For Adhyayan, Jubin Nautiyal’s voice comes across as a seamless fit. The makers have been very clear about the film’s music from the start and they knew what they wanted from the composers and lyricists. Commenting on the same, Jubin said, “Usually music these days are entities independent of a film’s story. But in this case, there was genuine effort to mirror the storyline in the words.

“The songs fit in beautifully with the movie. There was an emphasis on melody and making the sound sweeter to the ears. These are attributes that have lost value in our industry. I am glad Bekhudi brings back melody in mainstream music. This song was especially an absolute joy to sing. Abhishek and Rahul had a specific vision for how they wanted it. I am glad I was able to bring that innocence to the song that they were seeking.”

‘Bekhudi’, a tale of love, also stars Yuri Suri, Divya Seth Shah, Anurag Sharma, Gulki Joshi and Dev Sharma with director Amit Kasaria at the helm and is slated for a hybrid release in theatres and on OTT.